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The mining town of Philipsburg was founded in 1867 not far from the Silver Springs.  Eleven springs emanate from Paleozoic limestone formations here and were eventually developed to service the town and Stewart Silver Mill.  In 1875 Charles Kroger built a brewery at the springs and started brewing Silver Spray beer using the clean natural spring water.  The springs was said to be a favorite place for teamsters to water their horses before hauling their heavy loads to the Granite Mine above town. The Kroger brewery operated up until Prohibition with much success.  In the early nineties a group of investors from Missoula built a water bottling plant on the old brewery site and bottled Silver Spray, Silver Mist and Valley of the Moon spring water before closing their doors in 2004.  In 2014 Cathy & Nolan Smith bought the property and built a second production brewery and a modern bottling line in the former water bottling plant, under the name Philipsburg Brewing Company.  Today Montana Silver Springs is again bottling water on this historic site. We invite you to come visit the Springs on the weekends during the summer and enjoy the beautiful grounds and historic buildings.

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