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Why Montana Silver Springs? Because it's infinitely recyclable.

Aluminum is the most recycled metal on the planet. Our aluminum bottles are unique in the market because they can be recycled in an infinite loop.

Unlike traditional plastic water bottles, which must be “down cycled” into a different product, our bottles can be recycled 1:1, smelted down and used to make another can.

Most cans on the market are in fact 80% recycled aluminum already. Once an aluminum can is in the recycling loop, it can be recycled over and over and over again.

Because aluminum can be recycled over and over, there’s a monetary incentive for companies to encourage recycling, as opposed to plastic, where there isn’t a good incentive.

This infinite recyclability makes Montana Silver Springs a more environmentally friendly option than the plastic counterpart.

According to studies from Yellowstone and McDonald Lakes, microplastics have already entered the water systems in our National Parks. Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic that come from the breakdown of larger plastics. They are small enough to infiltrate waters, food systems and bodies and can concentrate harmful chemicals.

We care about our planet, and when we were selecting a packaging option for our water, we knew we wanted to stay away from plastic. That drive benefits us, you, and the rest of the world along with it.

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